Nozzle Selector App

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Morgan Rural Tech is pleased to release the Spray Tools – Nozzle Selection App. This app is one of many coming under the new app framework we have been developing over the last 6 months. 


This app makes it easy to select what nozzle you need to produce a certain spray quality (e.g. Very Coarse, Coarse, Medium) under a range of speed and pressure parameters for your spray boom.

The app allows you to save multiple spraying scenarios to experiment with the types of nozzles that best fit your operation. These can be added by clicking the “+” button on the first screen.

The app requires you to enter in your spray plan name and boom so that you can create and save multiple scenarios and be able to switch between them.

Selecting the number of nozzles, spray quality and spray volume required is needed to ensure the app can select the correct nozzle that will produce the desired spray quality under the conditions you need.


After you have set your minimum and maximum pressures and speeds for your spray controller, clicking the calculate button will give you the results.

The app lays out the results in an easy to read grid that shows the spray quality  under different pressures and speeds allowing you to make a decision if this nozzle will suit the conditions required for completing the spray application.

The Spray Tools – Nozzle Selection App is available on the Apple App Store here:

Mobile friendly web version is available here: